Business Spotlight: PGH Acupuncture & Massageworks


“Instead of being a big bank, it’s a community organization, so they’re very invested in businesses growing and thriving.” – Amy Green, co-founder of Pittsburgh Acupuncture & Massageworks, speaking about the Neighborhood Community Development Fund (formerly known as the “Northside Community Development Fund”).

“They’re in the neighborhood, they care about the neighborhood.”


A Space for Self-Care

In the fast-paced world of today, self-care is more important than ever, and that’s what Pittsburgh Acupuncture & Massageworks hopes to provide the Northside community.

From their home in Allegheny West, Pittsburgh Acupuncture & Massageworks provides a number of services to benefit the mind and body, ranging from deep tissue massage to cupping therapy and acupuncture. Amy Green and her partner Ian founded their clinic in 2017, and while they were able to acquire the building, they found a need for additional funding in order to use the building the way they wanted. They turned to the Neighborhood Community Development Fund (NCDF) for assistance.

“We did a full renovation, installed a bathroom, made a receptionist’s office, subdivided the rooms differently,” said Green.

Green also found support from the Fund to help her navigate the process of establishing the business.

“That was really helpful at the time, because it was a tough process,” said Green.


Food for Thought

  • Two years after opening, Pittsburgh Acupuncture & Massageworks has planted roots in their community. They’ve expanded their services, grown a base of regular clients, and increased their staff to three massage therapists and two assistants.
  • They recently partnered with the Allegheny YMCA to provide chair massage services to the community free of charge, and are looking to continue more cooperative efforts like this.

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