We are a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) that provides loans and financial opportunities for businesses and real estate development projects throughout Allegheny County. Our team is committed to assisting small businesses and real estate to ensure success within their communities, and to create thriving communities by promoting revitalization and economic opportunity.

Miauna Connor joined the Neighborhood Community Development Fund in 2018 with over 15 years of experience in the title industry. Learn more about what makes Miauna a valuable loan officer at the Neighborhood Community Development Fund.

How did you come to work at the Neighborhood Community Development Fund?
I worked in the title industry for 15 years and decided that I wanted a change from the fast pace corporate world. I always had a passion for community work, so I decided to search for a nonprofit organization that was focused on helping the local community. On my search I found a posting for an Assistant Loan Officer at the Neighborhood Community Development Fund (formerly Northside Community Development Fund) and applied for the position after doing research on the organization.

What do you like best about your role as a loan officer?
The relationships that I build with the Northside small business owners. When I can help them receive financing or meet their business goals it’s a great sense of accomplishment.

Why are you passionate about helping local businesses get access to the resources they need?
My passion for helping local businesses comes from a sense of community. The growth of big businesses often hurt small business profitability and puts them at a competitive disadvantage because they do not have comparable resources. It’s important that we preserve communities and keep small businesses thriving.

What are some of the projects/initiatives you’re most proud of working on?
I recently was able to obtain financing for Wilson’s BBQ, which was a staple on the Northside for 50 years before being destroyed by a fire in 2018. This is a generational family-owned business that is now able to continue its legacy and being part of this project was inspiring.

Are there any words of advice you’d like to share regarding your experience thus far at the Neighborhood Community Development Fund?
Do something you enjoy or something that drives you and the outcome will be rewarding. Working at the Neighborhood Community Development Fund has solidified those words for me. Being an asset to an organization that is building stronger neighborhoods has been a great experience.