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The Neighborhood Community Development Fund (The Neighborhood Fund) – formerly known as the “Northside Community Development Fund” – is a knowledgeable partner for all entrepreneurs, including woman- and minority-owned businesses. NCDF provides the tools and resources you need to thrive.



We realize funding can be hard to come by, but the most successful businesses never took no for an answer—and you shouldn’t either. Apply for a small business loan through the Neighborhood Community Development Fund. Our experts provide low-interest financing for a variety of startups and entrepreneurs alike.


Every business startup needs a team of people around them, because sometimes, you need to bounce an idea off someone – and that’s okay. Since 2000, we have supported business startups in the region through everything from educational events to preparing business plans (so you could say we know a thing or two).


Ready to upgrade your operations? We help our people find a place in the local community, a place that meets their needs and their wants. Our goal: to help neighborhoods continue to expand with the region. And by putting the right businesses in our buildings, we can do just that.

Ready to turn your idea into a reality? Here is a business plan guide to set up the framework for our first meeting. Click here for a PDF version or here for a Word version of a business plan template. 


Fabled Table

Fabled Table

“We’ve had a working relationship with them for 15 years now,” said Lisa Ferguson, founder of Fabled Table. “It’s been wonderful! They make it very easy, they’ve been very accommodating.”

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