Business Spotlight: 6Sixx Details

Ricco Weir didn’t even know what a detailer was when he saw an ad in the daily newspaper – an ad that would change his life.

“The job found me,” Weir said. “I was reading the paper one morning, and it said, ‘Hiring Now, Detailers, Tom Clark Chevrolet on 48th.’”

Weir managed to find his way there that same day. He made a strong impression on the hiring manager, so much so that he was given the job despite no experience. But once Weir started working, he learned quickly – and eventually realized he had found his calling.

“They just threw me in the mix, taught me how to detail,” Weir said. “I was like, ‘I can do this.’”

While working at Tom Clark, Weir learned the tricks of the trade, building both his skills and his client base. After some years there, he felt he had what it took to venture out on his own.

“In 2008, I got my first shop in Wilkinsburg,” Weir said. “I painted my own sign, put my own uniform together, made business cards and put my sign up on the corner.”

Weir built his business by going into local car dealerships, shaking hands and eventually earning contracts for detailing work. However, he still worked a day job with a dealership to make ends meet. But by 2021, his position had grown enough for him to establish 6Sixx Details and move into his current location in Mount Oliver.

Once he began setting up shop at his new location, Weir found himself in conflict with his 9-5 employer, ultimately leading to them splitting ways. Fortunately, business moved quickly for him, and regular clients began lining up to work with him at his new location.

“I was let go on March 23, and I was in this building by March 25. On March 26, I had my first customer,” Weir said. “I haven’t looked back since, and I’ve been busy the majority of the time since that day.”

While Weir’s clientele expanded, he knew he needed outside funding to make some necessary improvements to the shop. He reached out to as many places as he could for help, and in his search, he discovered Neighborhood Community Development Fund and spoke with Senior Loan Manager Rich Newell.

“Rich was able to get me the money I needed to do what I have to do,” Weir said.

Today, Weir offers a variety of services at 6Sixx Details including cleaning, engine care, and full detailing, as well as custom jobs like body wraps and window tints. He specializes in luxury and executive vehicle work.

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