Our Financials

Statement of Financial Position

Loans Receivable$12,571,500.59$8,316,430.00
Cash & Investments$8,437,406.83$5,657,126.00
Other Assets$1,951,134.57$1,106,733.00
Total Assets$22,960,041.99$15,080,289.00


Notes Payable$15,034,175.27$9,117,569.00
Other Liabilities$ 254,496.02$244,72.007
Total Liabilities$15,288,671.29$9,362,296.00


Net Assets20232022
Without Donor Restriction$7,399,511.29$5,372,652.00
With Donor Restriction$119,370.00$5,599,866.00
Total Net Assets$7,518,884.00$10,972,518.00


Total Liabilities and Net Assets20232022
*as of Fiscal Year ending 12/31 $22,960,041.99$15,080,289.00


Statement of Financial Activities

Revenue & Support20232022
Contributions & Grants$3,068,395.55$2,016,469.00
Earned Revenue$573,559.25$530,598.00
Other Income$0.00 $60,207.00
Total Revenue & Support$3,641,954.80$2,607,274.00


General & Administrative$175,121.35$ 103,960.00
Fundraising$153,799.04 $121,654.00
Total Expenses$3,012,696.80$1,682,069.00


Change in Net Assets with Donor Restrictions20232022


Change in Net Assets20232022


Fabled Table

Fabled Table

“We’ve had a working relationship with them for 15 years now,” said Lisa Ferguson, founder of Fabled Table. “It’s been wonderful! They make it very easy, they’ve been very accommodating.”

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