For nearly 25 years, we’ve helped empower individuals to turn their small business dreams into reality. But this journey toward innovation, equity and growth cannot be traveled alone.

Community partnerships play a crucial role in extending our reach and boosting impact among BIPOC, women, and low-income business owners.

Our community partners are key in fostering an inclusive and equitable economic landscape. They also enable us to provide a broader range of resources and support, making it possible to address the unique challenges faced by underrepresented communities throughout the county.

We’ve been fortunate to form alliances with several community organizations dedicated to various aspects of development and support, including:

Hilltop Alliance, for example, has been instrumental in preserving affordable housing and aiding business district growth in neighborhoods like Allentown and Mt. Oliver. And Riverside Center for Innovation has teamed up with us to help entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds overcome initial hurdles, access funding and receive mentorship.

By providing targeted support, these partnerships help business owners navigate systemic barriers and achieve their goals. As we continue to build stronger neighborhoods together with our great partners, we believe the positive impact on marginalized residents and the local economy will only continue to grow.

Visit the Our Partners page on our website to learn more about our community partners and their respective missions.