Business Spotlight: Elliance

“I have a really wonderful relationship with the Neighborhood Community Development Fund. They’ve been there for us when we needed them, they’ve been our cheerleaders.” –Abu Noaman, owner of Elliance Inc.

Marketing a Human Perspective

Growing up, Abu Noaman, owner of Elliance, Inc. had two loves: mathematics and mythology. He refused to abandon either passion, which fueled his executive decision to create Elliance, a digital marketing company focusing on agency and business consulting. 

Elliance started in 1994, offering services to nonprofits and higher education organizations, manufacturing companies, and financial institutions. In 2009, Elliance received support from the Neighborhood Community Development Fund (The Neighborhood Fund), formerly known as the “Northside Community Development Fund,” after falling into some rough times financially.

Noaman said that his successful relationship with The Neighborhood stems from the transparency and trust his business and The Neighborhood Fund share. 

“[The Neighborhood Fund] looks at me holistically and treats me like a human being, not just numbers and ratios,” said Noaman.

The Neighborhood Fund Loan Officer, Diane Mercer, advocated and fought for Noaman and his company. According to Noaman, Mercer has never let him down.

“When the need was there, we were extended the loans we were asking for,” he said. 

Food for Thought

  • Noaman finds pride in working in the Northside alongside other small, local businesses. Even on his lunch break, he supports local restaurants and prides himself in being a part of the Northside community. 
  • “When we can find someone who is regional and local, I feel like we have done our part endorsing and supporting businesses,” said Noaman. “Everyone thinks of Northside as a wholesome environment.”
  • Noaman has clients from Boston and Chicago all the way to Texas and California, but he still prides himself in the ingenuity of Pittsburgh and the Northside and its “experimental businesses” and “talent for innovation.”


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