Recent tragic events are evidence of years of pent-up fear, frustration, and anger among Black Americans. These emotions are not only justified – they are stark evidence of the deep-rooted, systemic racial discrimination and injustice that afflicts the Black community.

We have seen the long shadow of our nation’s racist legacies perpetuate an unequal America. We see the economic and personal toll every day in redlining mortgages, credit evaluation and discrimination in business and personal lending.

Twenty years ago, Neighborhood Community Development Fund was organized by a diverse group of Neighborhood community leaders to try to mitigate some of the economic impacts of discrimination in our neighborhoods and to help neighborhood businesses and residents gain access to credit and support.  This is something that has driven our work since then.

The work is clearly not done. The issues extend beyond credit and lending. The Board and staff of Neighborhood Community Development Fund are rededicated to equity, diversity, and a just society for all, regardless of a person’s race, income or station in life. We will stand for these goals in all things, not just in lending. We will stand for these in our personal lives, not just our work. Our neighbors deserve no less.