By the time you’re reading this, chances are most people have already given up on their New Year’s resolutions. But if one of your resolutions was to start betting on yourself, don’t throw in the towel just yet – we can help.

Whether you’re the owner of a new small business or you’re involved in a real estate project that’s ready to begin construction, we can provide the necessary resources and knowledge to help turn your dream into a reality.

Here are just a few ways we can support you in 2024:

  1. Small Business Assistance
  2. We help entrepreneurs in Allegheny County access new opportunities by offering flexible loans and capital to launch or expand small businesses, as well as providing employment opportunities in local neighborhoods.

  3. Commercial Real Estate
  4. We finance real estate projects that create opportunities in neighborhoods throughout the county, offering flexible loans for real estate projects that generate economic activity and attract investment. Where many lenders see obstacles, we see an opportunity to create an impact.

  5. Affordable Housing
  6. We provide loans to neighborhood organizations and their partners to turn vacant and dilapidated houses into affordable, owner-occupied homes throughout the county. We also work with nonprofit and for-profit developers to create affordable rental housing and the reuse of vacant buildings in neighborhood commercial districts.

  7. Community Service Providers
  8. We provide loans to nonprofit organizations to fill funding gaps and provide working capital. We consider social impact and work with our customers to provide flexible financing.

    If you need help in any of these areas, we’re only one call away. As we enter our 24th year, we’re just as committed to helping undeserved businesses and communities as we were on our very first day back in 2000. And as your neighborhood partner, we’ll always be here to lend a hand when you need it.