As we wrap up the month of February and head toward March, we wanted to squeeze in one last Valentine’s Day-related message. You know by now that we’re all about supporting underserved small businesses – from BIPOC-owned to woman-owned to low-income-owned businesses. But why is this our mission? What drives us day in and day out?

While there are countless reasons why we love coming to work every day, these four in particular stand out:

  1. Lending a Helping Hand
  2. We’re passionate about helping historically disadvantaged entrepreneurs gain access to capital and resources, not only through flexible loans but also through financing for commercial real estate and affordable housing projects in Allegheny County.

  3. Offering Technical Assistance
  4. Our support doesn’t stop at just financing. Our loan officers are eager to provide assistance at every turn – whether it be loan application assistance, business plan development, financial management counsel and much more. Never hesitate to ask!

  5. Value for Our Loan Customers
  6. Nothing feels better to us than witnessing our loan customers achieve success. Throughout our nearly 25 years, we’ve been fortunate to see a wide variety of businesses – everything from family owned restaurants to cleaning services to fitness centers – make an impact in our communities.

  7. Equity for All
  8. Above all, we never lose sight of our mission – helping to level the playing field for traditionally underserved entrepreneurs, businesses and communities. What started as an effort to turn the tide on the Northside has expanded into a commitment to meet the demand for financing in neighborhoods throughout the county.

    We’re grateful to every small business, commercial real estate venture and affordable housing project we’ve helped so far – and you could be next! If you need a boost to get your dream across the finish line, drop us a line today. Let’s continue building stronger neighborhoods together.