As I’m sure you could tell by the incredible amount of rainfall over the last few weeks, spring has officially arrived here in Pittsburgh. And while spring does tend to bring a good deal of wet weather, it’s also a time of growth, renewal and promise.

For some, spring could signal a recommitment to goals or objectives outlined at the start of the year. Maybe it’s walking for an hour each day at your local park. It could be choosing to cook healthier meals throughout the week. Or perhaps it’s taking the leap and starting your own business venture.

While we may not be much help for those first two, we can certainly provide support with the third. If you’re considering starting your own small business or commercial real estate project, you’re not alone. Just ask these entrepreneurs we’ve had the pleasure of assisting:

  • Karen Denton, owner of KSC Commercial Cleaning Service, found herself under constant stress at her previous job as general manager of a fast-food restaurant. She decided to venture out on her own in 2014, and seven years later, we helped her secure her own office space in Wilkinsburg. “KSC stands for Karen’s second chance,” she said.
  • Pittsburgh native Chris Copen moved to Hollywood after college to pursue talent management, but he soon discovered it wasn’t a great fit. After moving back home during the pandemic, he realized he wanted to open his own entertainment venue. Chris contacted us for help with the loan application process, and soon after he opened what is now Bottlerocket Social Hall – one of the area’s most popular entertainment destinations.
  • Shyra Oliver initially didn’t have much interest in joining her family’s towing business, but the combination of the pandemic and an unfulfilling job changed that. Shyra eventually fell in love with it, so much so that she and her cousin took over the family business without any pressure from relatives. We helped Shyra acquire additional funding to take Never Rest Towing to the next level, providing a valuable service to her community.

As Karen, Chris and Shyra have proven, it’s never too late to spring into a new venture – and we’re here to help.
Here’s to a new season of fresh ideas and exciting opportunities.